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Dr. Sesame Unlu DAc, DACM, Maui Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Dr. Sesame Unlu, DAc.

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

“Finding Sesame was hands down one of the best things I could have done for my health. Not only is she wonderful at what she does, but is a truly caring, intuitive, thoughtful individual. Having had many frustrating experiences with doctors in the past, I was amazed that I could be seen by someone who took so much time with me, answering all of my questions in depth, putting me at ease and providing hope for wellness. Her amazing acupuncture sessions, paired with the use of medicinal herbs and dietary guidance has truly changed my quality of living.”

– Kara G.

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Amy K.
There are not enough great things I can say about Sesame and her work! Upon moving to Maui last year, I was looking for an acupuncturist to help relieve headache pains. She was the only one I went to for the entire duration of my time on Maui. I wanted a business that was within the same town as where I worked so it would be convenient. A few others I looked into at Makawao were either very clinical/hospital type setup (sheet divider between each person) which seemed to be very cold and disconnected. Luckily I found Maui Health & Wellness in Makawao Town. The inside aesthetics are very nice and welcoming. I would go 1-2 times a month and her acupuncture techniques helped greatly in relieving my pain. She is also educated in Chinese medicine/herbals and usually recommends the Dragon's Den herbal store which is right across from her office/building. She's very prompt getting back to you and also texts and gives confirmations. Sessions went smoothly and she offers essential oil inhalation while you lay down. The space is tucked back behind the store fronts on off the main street. Park anywhere along there and you can walk behind to the path (on the same side of street as Dragons Den, to the left of it) The cottages behind the main buildings are cute with lots of trees and a very soothing atmosphere, thus there wasn't really any loud noises from traffic or people during service. She takes insurance and also card for payment. I would recommend booking at least a week in advance since she fills up quickly. I miss coming to see her, but will visit when I come to Maui again!
Noel S.
Sesame is phenomenal! I've been to many acupuncturists, both on Maui and on the mainland, and she is by far THE BEST!! Her needling technique is the most gentle I've ever experienced, and her results are amazing. I started seeing her a couple of months ago for sudden, debilitating hand/wrist pain. Within 2-3 sessions the swelling in my hands is completely down. I can do yoga again, and I sleep after work instead of rubbing my wrists with tears in my eyes. I can't thank her enough for making basic, every day hand movements pain free again. I look forward to my twice a month appointments and recommend her to ALL of my friends. Thank you again for the wonderful healing Sesame! :)
Raquel H.
I first went to Sesame because I read that acupuncture could be helpful in getting pregnant, and I had been trying for 8 months without success. I was nervous about getting acupuncture because I had a not so good experience with it before (at another location), but my masseuse became pregnant after a few treatments so she recommended I give Sesame a try. She made me feel at ease and that first treatment not only seriously relaxed and de-stressed me but I became pregnant after just one cycle! After such a positive first couple of visits I continued to go to her every month throughout my pregnancy, and twice a month for the last 2 or 3 months. She had helpful recommendations for teas for various pregnancy/postpartum symptoms along the way. She even came to my birth and aided with acupressure during my labor. Needless to say, I'm a fan and I continue to see her. Sesame is just wonderful and I highly recommend her!
Emmanuel M.
Sesame is an amazing healer. I highly recommend her to my fellow golfers out there. I developed a really uncomfortable pain on my left shoulder during a tournament in Kaanapali. Sesame was recommend to me by one of the locals at the golf club. She was able to see me in her office the following morning and i was back on the green the next day! Thank you Sesame for making yourself available at a short notice.
Colena D.
Sesame is a natural born healer. She is not only a trained and skilled acupuncturist but in my opinion she uses her natural intuitions to also aid in the insight and treatments she offers her patients. I came to sesame over a year ago to treat my daughter at the time who was having debilitating hormonal migraines and excruciating periods. Sesame was so so gentle loving embracing and trustworthy that she put my daughter at ease. Sesame got my daughter on an acupuncture and herbal protocol that helped her tremendously. I am happy to say my daughter after having migraines for almost 2 years has been migraine free for over a year and her periods are mild with no pain. Sesame also treats me for anxiety and panic disorder. She has been so tuned in to my needs every time we have a session and makes me feel completely comfortable every time we have a session. I can't say enough about Sesame or her approach to Chinese medicine. We will forever be clients of hers.
Noah H.
Sesame is amazing! She was easy to talk to about my pain and didn't make me feel intimidated. We laughed and chatted during the treatment which helped put me at ease as it was my first experience with acupuncture. Also after only 1 treatment my pain is significantly reduced! I will definitely be seeing her for any future acupuncture and I'll be calling to set up an appointment for my mother who suffers from migraines- thank you for the healing, Sesame!
Daniel S.
Sesame is an awesome healer. I have had two sessions with her, and I feel completely healed of something that's been bothering me for six months now. She's super sweet, and she got right to the root of my issue. I plan on going back for more, just to continue to work on some smaller things. Her prices are really affordable, and the space for her treatments is tucked away from the main drag in Makawao. It's comfortable and lovely. I highly recommend getting acupuncture treatments from Maui Health & Wellness!
Ewa M b.
We can only agree with previous ratings. Sesame is the best!!!. She is an intuitive healer. I had old car injuries and pain in my right shoulder. My husband could not move or lift his arm. After only 3 treatments each we both feel great, the pain is gone and we can move our arms. Next time we plan our trip to Maui we will definitely include visit with Sesame.
Omar A.
Ok so I have so much work done as far as deep tissue and acupuncture. I went to lovely Sesame and she is the best of both worlds. She began with deep tissue massage to find blockages, and then acupuncture to create the neuropathways that are blocked and she opened them up and here I am sobbing and having life realizations and healing. It was phenomenal. Not only did she hold space for my precious tears, but she kept on massaging my heart meridian to keep the energy moving. I felt so deeply relaxed afterwords and know with all my heart she is one of the most powerful healers I have ever encountered. Anyhow every time I go to Maui she is my main healer woman that I go to. I totally recommend her to anyone that wants to feel free and open, replenished with deep relaxation, joy, and completion. Aho