Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a source of highly effective herbal formulas that have been used for thousands of years to treat anything from the common cold to chronic disease. Chinese herbs are rarely taken individually, they are combined with other herbs into formulas, creating a synergistic action, which enhances their effectiveness and moderates any potential side effects.

Herbal medicine can enhance your overall vitality and sense of wellbeing.

Chines Tonic Herbs can be taken regularly to improve your quality of life even when you aren’t dealing with a specific health issue. Many Chinese Tonics fall into a very unique category of herbs called adaptogens. Like their name implies, adaptogens help the body adapt to the multitude of mental and physical stressors encountered on a daily basis; including environmental toxins, mental-emotional stress, and physical fatigue. Adaptogens also have the ability to adapt their therapeutic actions to the body’s unique needs, providing it with the resources to maintain homeostasis, and promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Individual customization is a tremendous strength of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Customizing the treatment to fit the individual, whether it is acupuncture or herbal medicine, greatly enhances it’s therapeutic effectiveness. At Maui Health and Wellness, we take traditional Chinese formulas and customize them to give the individual the greatest benefits

cup of herbal tea surrounded by Chinese tonic herbs
Chinese herbs can benefit a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

Digestive Issues
Gynecological Conditions
Stress & Anxiety
Hormonal Imbalances
Seasonal Allergies
And Many More!

Custom Herbal Formulas

We offer traditional Chinese herbal remedies in a variety of options including:
  • Traditional “tang” Decoction: whole, raw herbs that must be boiled and decocted into a potent tea.
  • Granules: powdered herbs that can be mixed with hot water and drank like a tea.
  • Capsules: powdered herbs that have been put into capsules, for greater convenience in administration.
chinese herbal granule herbs in capsules
We use only premium quality herbs from highly reputable sources that employ rigorous testing methods to ensure both purity and potency.

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